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To provide people,
as inexpensively as
, a machine that truly works to fight disease.

Our Mission Statement is the key to understanding why the $1999 ELEMENT rivals $6000 to $12,000 competitors.

We didn’t develop the ELEMENT for well people.  We engineered it for people who have suffered enough…but have very limited budgets because they can’t work, or mainstream medicine has drained them financially without really doing anything but “manage” their disease or relieve only symptoms.

These are the people we want to help. And why we don’t put a lofty price tag on ELEMENT.

Both of the co-developers of the ELEMENT have had long, successful careers and could easily retire, but we want to make a difference.  Selling ELEMENT at the lowest possible price is our way to give something very important to humanity.  In effect, it is our gift to you. Honestly, we could be selling it for $6000 or more…and would still easily compete with other brands of this caliber.

If your goal is wellness and healing, you owe it to yourself to be informed by brushing away the cobwebs of claims, counter-claims and buzz words. When you have that information, our Mission Statement comes into focus.  We’re here for you!

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