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ELEMENT Chassis: 

  • The first to have dual coil connections.

  • 2500 watt power supply — enough for deep penetration of the magnetic field.

  • Can easily be set for lower power levels for longer gentle therapy sessions (e.g. while sleeping). 

  • 10.63" w x 8.35" h x 15.47" d size is the smallest in the industry for any system with this much power. 

  • Small enough to fit anywhere, allowing daily use. 

  • Built in protection to prevent overheating and over driving the amplifier. 

  • Produces 292 peak continuous gauss of magnetic field at the coil. 

  • Convenient front panel carry handle. 


  • Tuned for an optimal wide range performance. 

  • Wider response curve than any other coil on the market. 

  • Made in our facility to achieve high standards and quality control.  

  • Comes with a removable, washable cover that also adds padding. 

  • Generous, 144” connecting cable.

We began by putting an extremely powerful (2500 watt) power supply into a surprisingly compact chassis. We made sure that ELEMENT could deliver a wide range  of frequencies for a broader range of treatments.


We built in protection circuits that make ELEMENT more reliable than its competition.

And, we designed our coil so that it better fits the human body, made it large enough to have the maximum possible safe effect, wrapped it in a washable jacket and gave you a generously long connecting cable.

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User Manual

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The ELEMENT serves as a very powerful, laboratory-grade amplifier for the input of a remote frequency generator. This is really just a technical way of saying that ELEMENT is fed by an external device, such as a tablet, laptop, or smart phone with a program or app downloaded to generate the frequencies. 

Or, you can simply play a frequency directly from the internet via your laptop, tablet or smart phone. Sites like YouTube® have hundreds of frequencies to choose from that people have created for the benefit of everyone.

The ELEMENT coil attaches easily to the amplifier unit.  We have provided a generously long cord so that you can place the amplifier on a night stand, dresser or table up to 12 feet away.


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* This is at close to 50% duty cycle (the best achievable).  

Machines with higher gauss claims use duty cycles of only 10% or less so for duration time you need to balance gauss level with duty cycle.

** Published achievable gauss, not continuous gauss.

*** Tested to 10,000Hz. The best usable range is 7 - 6,800Hz.  

The ELEMENT coil and AmpCoil's original coil were designed by the same engineer.  AmpCoil redesigned their coil for cost savings which reduced its range.

**** Square wave recommended but any wave form the signal generator program supports can be used.

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