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When it comes to PEMF, less is more.

In most cases when someone says, "Less is more", it's because they only have less.  In most cases, less is not more, it's less!  We're not talking about the times when less it better, like when speaking of sugar intake for someone who is over weight, we're talking about pitches who claim less of a good thing is better.

When it comes to PEMF, "less is more" is just not true.   We have all seen the singer break a wine glass by hitting just the right note, and singing it VERY loudly.  What no one has seen is a singer saying, "less is more" and breaking the wine glass by hitting that note very softly.  Works the same for pathogens with magnetic fields.

Doug MacClain, the father of modern PEMF therapy eradicated his own Lyme disease in the early 1990's using a high powered machine of his design and namesake.  He started out with a 20 watt amplifier and worked his way up to a 2000 watt amplifier before he was successful.

If you are using a PEMF machine to only do basic things like pain relief, then you can get by on less, but it's still not better.   You can always turn a powerful machine down when you want to do less, but you can never turn a weak machine up enough to deal with pathogens.

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