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This is a purely the use of an incorrect term as a marketing buzz word.

Tesla coils use extremely high voltages and frequencies, and are extremely dangerous to be near.  A little research on the internet will show you this.  PEMF coils do not use those dangerous levels.  It may make our competitors' coil sound special, but it is not anything like a Tesla coil just because they are both coils. 


There are all kinds of coils being used in speakers, relays, microphones, computers, etc. just to name a few.  None of these are anything like a Tesla coil other than they are a coil.  If they are not willing to be honest about such a simple thing as a coil, can you trust their BetterGuide to be any more honest?

For a much more complete explanation on this, visit our blog article by clicking here:

While we're on our "soapbox"…

The ELEMENT gives you more capabilities than AmpCoil.  The chassis is improved with additional protection circuits.  Our coil has been redesigned (based on what we have learned over the years) to produce a better range of optimal frequencies, theirs has not. They don't let you have any control or knowledge of the frequencies being used, while our system gives you total control.


Additionally, there are differences beyond the capabilities.  AmpCoil makes you pay to duplicate what you already own (the tablet). We save you money by not making you do this since any tablet, smart phone, or laptop can be used to create the frequencies to be input into the ELEMENT.  They add on thousands of dollars for their questionable software , while we recommend a program that is less than $100.00 and gives you total control.

Our machine is lighter and small enough to be set up all the time without being in middle of the floor.  And of course, there is the price.  Our mission statement is to make the system as inexpensive as possible so more people can benefit from the use of PEMF.  Our competitors' advertising cost is huge and must be paid for with a higher price.  We use only free methods to let people know about us so we don't have to increase the price.

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