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With our machine, you'll be free of Lyme (or whatever) in 4 months.

We wish, like all sufferers, it were that easy.  The simple truth is it's not.  PEMF, as promising as it is as an alternative therapy modality, it's not the end all cure for everything by itself.  PEMF can work wonders, but wellness will also depend a great deal on the rest of your lifestyle and habits.  If you are a diabetic and are doing everything exactly right otherwise but are still munching down three candy bars a day, you can't expect PEMF to make up the difference.  You really need to look at this with a holistic perspective.  Diet must be right.  Levels of hydration must be right.  Proper exercise needs to be followed through with.  Even positive mental frame of mind is critically important to achieve your wellness goals.

And patience.  It takes patience.  You would not think of going to a doctor to get a prescription for antibiotics that is a 10 day regimen and then take them all in one day.  It doesn't work that way with western medicine, it doesn't work that way with eastern medicine, not with naturopathic remedies, or even with aunt Mable's home remedies.  Not with PEMF either.

Secondarily, depending on how long you have had the pathogens and how advanced their colony in your body is, you would not want to create the kind of die-off required to be rid of the disease in such a short time.  The Herx reaction would be so sever, it could kill you all by itself.

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