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There is PEMF software that can diagnose disease and automatically set up the proper frequencies.

AmpCoil claims that their "BetterGuide" software can diagnose disease and automatically set up the proper frequencies to run.

In our opinion, BetterGuide doesn't do what is claimed. 


Now, you expect us to say that, but let's apply a little logic and common sense to the issue.  If they could truly diagnose disease, why are they not making millions just selling the software to the medical industry? 


For that matter, if BetterGuide could truly diagnose disease, why haven't they won a Nobel prize in medicine?  After all, this is something that scientists at MIT and Sloan Kettering and Mayo Clinic have been working on for decades — but have been unable to do.

Additionally, when the BetterGuide runs, it doesn't tell you what frequencies it is using.  Why not?  Is it because that would allow people to check it against lists of known frequencies for pathogens?


Finally, "BetterGuide" will prescribe a different set of frequencies each time you use it, suggesting more of a random selection than a true diagnosis.

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